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A New Art Gallery in Hunting Park

Glenn Giddings
Glenn Giddings
Marketing Director

Galería Esperanza celebrated its grand opening with a dramatic exhibit called “Sueño de Reyes,” or Dream of Kings, by Puerto Rican artist Tato González. PZS designed the art gallery space, which is located in the main building on Esperanza’s campus. Driven by their foundational values of faith, integrity, and excellence, Esperanza’s mission is to increase prosperity, provide affordable housing, grow businesses, build great schools and creative spaces, and engage the community. PZS has partnered with Esperanza throughout their journey, and this new art gallery is an important part of their master plan.

Historically, galleries in Center City weren’t very interested in artwork that explored Latino culture and themes so the artists had to work “underground” and showcase their work privately. Esperanza intends for its gallery to be a place for both celebrated artists and newcomers alike to display their work, and to further highlight the Hunting Park neighborhood as an artistic, cultural hub. Esperanza plans for the gallery to continue showcasing the works of Latino and other artists with an ongoing full, public schedule.

Bill Rhoads, Senior Vice President of Esperanza Arts Center believes strongly in the power of art in the Hunting Park neighborhood and beyond. Rhoads elaborated in a recent interview that “part of our mission at Esperanza is to increase awareness and appreciation of the rich diversity of both local and internationally celebrated Latino artists among residents of the Philadelphia region. People in our community- young people who are creating works of art, will have the the opportunity to show off their skills and be able to bring their family and friends in to see the work they’re doing.”

Artist, muralist, and long-time Philadelphia resident Danny Torres, who has been closely involved with Esperanza since it opened over 30 years, attended the opening and hopes that this gallery will give people more reason to come to Hunting Park to celebrate Latino art and culture. Having now painted dozens of murals across the city over the years, he is thrilled that the next generation of Latino artists in Philadelphia might now have an easier path, and Galería Esperanza is one of the keys to making this a reality.