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Camp Tel Yehudah

Gathering Space
Healing Space
Learning Space


  • Community


  • Outdoor Space
  • Renovation
  • Site Planning
Phase I of the project included a site survey and a Facilities Assessment study of the entire camp, including but not limited to the camp’s infrastructure, site utilities, and a facilities conditions report.
A Master Plan study has resulted in a multi-year phased plan to renovate the entire camp. The Master Plan will implement the development goals by relocating and remodeling existing facilities, and creating new facilities and activity areas to expand and improve the “Year-round” opportunities at Camp Tel Yehudah. Included in the plan are the renovation of the administrative area, a new year-round staff village, a new Hadar Ochel (Dining Hall) which is the heart of the camp, and implementing sustainable and green design that includes new landscaping and shade trees, a new multi-purpose sports field and outdoor pavilion, and a new Teva Trail (fitness/footpath).
The Master Plan for Camp Tel Yehudah represents not only an increase in camper capacity, but a major upgrade and expansion of all primary program areas which provides higher quality camper and staff experiences.