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Esperanza Theater and Performing Arts Center

Gathering Space


  • Community


  • New Construction
  • Mixed-Use
  • Institutional
Having featured performances by the Philadelphia Orchestra and The Lost String Quartet, as well as mixed-media dance and visual-arts performances by a number of renowned artists, Esperanza Theater has been a popular and active space since its opening. The mission of the Esperanza Arts Center (EAC) is to enrich the lives of and foster positive social change in the Hunting Park neighborhood where the facility is located. Educational programs, workshops, community forums, presentations, and performances are all part of the broad initiative to bring arts and cross-cultural understanding of a broad spectrum of traditions to the students and members of this community.

PZS designed this multi-purpose black-box theater to be flexible and to be able to transform and adapt to multiple uses depending on the needs of the school functions on Esperanza’s campus and the performances that are being booked for the public to enjoy. The 10,000 square foot space features state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and equipment, and particular attention was paid to acoustics and noise control. PZS worked closely with our acoustics consultant to mitigate mechanical noise and to ensure that the space would perform properly acoustically without unwanted echoes, and to reduce other sound quality issues that might have been detrimental to the performance environment.