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Graduate Pointe

Philadelphia, PA
Gathering Space
Living Space


  • Multifamily


  • New Construction
  • Urban
  • Outdoor Space
  • Mid-Rise
  • Multifamily
  • Mixed-Use
Graduate Pointe is a mixed-use residential development located at the intersection of Washington and Grays Ferry Avenues. The 5-story mixed-use building will include the following: approximately 20,000 square foot of ground floor retail space along Washington Avenue and 25th Street, 80 residential units, an open parking area, and a large shared terrace for the residents. The project also includes a proposed single-family residential component which includes 17 single-family townhouses, a four-unit condominium building with duplexes, and a shared interior green space.
During the planning and design phases for the project, we worked with community members (the South of South Street Neighborhood Association) to determine issues and design concepts that are important to the neighborhood. Through these open dialogue discussions, our design evolved to incorporate this community feedback, and ultimately the height and density were reduced to maintain the integrity and scale of the existing neighborhood fabric.