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Princeton University Engineering Quad G-Wing Laboratory

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This project involves architectural and engineering design services for a renovation to existing laboratory spaces within the “G-wing” of the Engineering Quadrangle for an incoming faculty member. Included in the scope of the renovations are Post Doc and student office spaces, an Energy Research Lab, and a data collection and calculation lab space. The Research Lab will be comprised of two main areas; one with two to three benchtop hoods for synthesis and another area with up to four walk-in hoods with reactors, analyzers, and gases. 

Our team is developing and analyzing various options informed by the program and engineering requirements to establish the University’s preferred approach. Floor plans, sections, interior elevations, and building systems are being outlined, and the layouts of specific research lab and support spaces are being developed. Ongoing review of the design will continue with all project stakeholders. At the conclusion of this phase, the cost estimate and design will be submitted to the University for review and approval. This estimate will be used to establish the project budget.

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