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St. Luke’s Primary Care Center and CareNow

Center Valley, PA
Healing Space


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The project cost was $2.4 million and was completed on a quick-turnaround schedule. This facility is separated into two suites– the Health Center and the Carenow facility, that operate somewhat independently from each other. The Health Center has traditional outpatient functions as well as cardiology, a radiology suite, and a walk-in diagnostics lab. The CareNow facility is able to handle some of the traditional functions of an emergency care facility such as x-rays and acute care, as well as immediate diagnoses for medical issues that can then be referred back to a patient’s primary care physician for a scheduled appointment.
For St. Luke’s, continuity and integration of care is of utmost importance, especially in this region of Pennsylvania where viable health care options have been limited until recently. With this new facility and the others that are planned to complement the services offered here, St. Luke’s is bringing quality, convenient health care to a region in which it was sorely lacking. The additional facilities that have either just recently opened or are in the planning or design stages will offer services dedicated to specialty care, wellness programs, and pre- and post-natal care.