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Montgomery County Community College Recording Studio

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Montgomery County Community College celebrated the launch of the a new Music Technology Suite with a ceremonial wall-breaking event, during which community members and visitors from the regional music industry were invited to learn more about the project and see the early stages of construction.  PZS Architects worked along with WSDG Architectural Acoustic Consulting Services of New York to create the suite, on an accelerated timeline spurred by the availability of state funding.

The new mixing and mastering suite will feature the very latest cutting edge music and audio production technology alongside state-of-the-art vintage gear including analog tape machines and the SSL XL 9000 K Mixing Console with 5.1 Surround Sound.

"With this new addition, we will be able to offer the entire scope of the recording process for our students,” said Michael Kelly, assistant professor of music and coordinator of the Sound Recording and Music Technology program. “And, with this collaborative approach, we hope to grow a network of professionals in the region and become a hub where artists of all levels can grow and share knowledge.”

MCCC’s Sound Recording and Music Technology degree program provides a comprehensive background in sound recording and music production and technology. Earning this degree, students have the option to continue their education or to find employment in a variety of occupations, including sound recording studio technician, sound engineer for animation and film, audio engineer, audio or music producer, digital audio editor and production assistant, among others.



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