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Media & Text Modules

Here are some examples of “Media & Text” module. This has a few different options.


Subhead Top Up Here

This is the "Media & Text" Module

For the text content, select "Preset" content type to enter your content into predefined header/copy/link fields and it will look like this.

Have A Link

In the Media & Text module, you can choose “Content Type – Editor” to have a blank WYSIWYG editor, if you want to do something that varies from the predefined content template.

Click “Button” on top of the WYSIWYG editor to add a button, and choose whether it’s a caps button or a more button-like button.

Click “Formats” to use different title/heading/etc options (usually best if you type the content first, then highlight it, and then select the format you like)

Here’s the caps Button

Here’s a normal button

Switch Sides

You can also put your media on the right side. Choose "Full Bleed" to let the media stretch to the edge of the page, or "Padding" for there to be padding between media & edge of page.


Here's A Full Bleed Example On The Right