Esperanza Middle School

Philadelphia, PA

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Esperanza Charter Middle School 

PZS Architects completed the master plan for Esperanza's campus located at Fifth Street and Bristol Streets. The 8-acre campus includes three former industrial buildings totaling 210,000sf, which houses their administrative offices, a technology based high school, and a junior college and career center.
PZS is currently working on the design of a 100,000sf middle school which includes the development of a new 18,000sf building for performing arts and physical education, as well as additional parking facilities. The project will also modify site circulation patterns to accommodate vehicular and pedestrian access to the new facilities and to increase parking on site.
PZS is also recently completed a 40,000sf expansion of the Junior College that includes facilities to accommodate students from the sixth grade through junior college, and will provide office space for social services agencies to serve the community.