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Villiger Hall Dedication Ceremony

Michael Skolnick, AIA
Michael Skolnick, AIA

Villiger Hall was completed ahead of the Fall 2012 semester. Named in honor of Fr. Burchard Villiger S.J., who was on the Faculty of Saint Joseph’s almost from its founding in 1851 and was the fifth president of Saint Joseph’s College (1868-1893).

Fr. Villiger is an appropriate namesake, as his accomplishments include several massive building campaigns during his time at both Saint Joseph’s and Santa Clara Colleges.  He is known as the Saint Joseph’s “second” founder for his planning of the College and Preparatory School at the 17th and Stiles Streets site and as a new and energetic president Santa Clara, he was credited with transforming the campus.  Fr. Villiger saw great significance in the appearance of the buildings on campus and boldly stated that  “you must show yourself above the fence, show yourself to the world and strike their senses with a decent appearance.”